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Mnemosyne, Chapter Five: Urania

Title: Mnemosyne, Chapter Five: Urania
Fandom: Person of Interest
Rating: NC-17
Word Count (this chapter): 764


Bear lay on his bed, one paw crossed over the other and his chin flat along the floor. His ears twitched occasionally, but the sounds were the same as usual: Glasses Man typing, Tall Man saying something even though his smell wasn’t there, Glasses Man sounding worried and sharp. That always changed the way Glasses Man smelled, but Bear was used to it enough that he didn’t worry over it unless Glasses Man got loud, too.

Tall Man’s voice came out of the box, and Glasses Man relaxed, sitting back down. Bear’s eyes slid closed; nothing to worry about unless Glasses Man started smelling worried again.

He opened his eyes when he heard the door downstairs open. That had him on his feet in an instant, trotting over to the gate, and not barking because it was Tall Man, even if he did smell acrid. Bear wagged his tail and panted; as soon as Tall Man opened the gate, Bear jumped on him, knocking him over.

Glasses Man interrupted their play by saying Tall Man’s name. Tall Man gently pushed on Bear, and Bear leaned into his hands for a moment, even though he knew what Tall Man wanted. Then he stepped aside and followed at Tall Man’s heels, his tail wagging hard.

Glasses Man gave Tall Man a little box, and Tall Man looked at it for a little bit, sort of frowning. Bear sat and looked up at him expectantly. If someone had given him a box like that, he’d already have shredded it. Tall Man finally opened it, and his scent changed a moment later, something that meant happy and something else that meant Bear probably shouldn’t be between them. But they weren’t down to their skin, so it was probably safe to stay where he was.

Glasses Man talked to Tall Man for a while, and Bear stopped paying attention. People talked too much. Dealing with other dogs was much easier than trying to understand the details of what people thought and wanted.

He jerked his attention back when Tall Man dropped his hand to pet him. His hand smelled different, and Bear chased it with his nose. He licked it, surprised to find a small piece of metal on one of Tall Man’s fingers. That had never happened before. He licked it again, and it was still there, right against Tall Man’s finger and curving up either side of it. Tall Man laughed, and Glasses Man patted Bear on the head, saying something about food.

Tall Man left for a little while, telling Bear to sit; Bear heard the sound of water running while Tall Man was gone. Glasses Man picked up one of the talk-boxes and held it against his ear. He said a lot of words, and Bear knew enough of them to know they meant food. He panted at Glasses Man and wagged his tail hopefully.

Glasses Man left Bear and Tall Man in the library together; Bear thought he’d come back with food. It usually worked that way. Tall Man took off his shoes, coat, and jacket, then sank down in the couch. Bear followed, walking up onto the couch so he could lie along it and drop his chin onto Tall Man’s leg. Tall Man laughed and scratched behind his ears. Bear knew how this worked, and he got off the couch as soon as he heard the door down the stairs open. Glasses Man never really knew he’d been on the couch if they did it that way. Glasses Man came up a minute later, and he started to take out food boxes while Tall Man went away again. More water ran, and then he came back. He pressed his mouth against the back of Glasses Man’s neck.

Bear got kibble while they ate, and they sometimes gave him bits of chicken or pork. After, they put everything in the garbage and put the garbage bin in a closed room. Bear had only gotten into it once, and they still did that.

They sat on the couch after that, together, pressing their mouths together or against other parts of each other’s faces, their bodies touching. Bear lay along the stacks and watched them, his ears twitching as he heard other sounds. He knew when Tall Man fell asleep before Glasses Man. Glasses Man rearranged him some, then fitted himself on the couch, too. Bear stood and padded over. He sat by the couch, his ears alert to every small sound in the library, and he stayed that way until Tall Man woke again.

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