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Birthdate:Dec 8
Location:Iowa, United States of America
I’m Kelly, or [personal profile] subluxate, and this is my fannish journal.

You’ll find my fanfic from 2011 on here. You’ll also find any fanmixes I make. I’m not terribly prolific, fandom-wise—I’m a lot more original-oriented nowadays—but I participate in things like big bangs, I sell at fandom auctions, and I generally enjoy fannish ways.

I started out in fanfiction in 2005 and have written steadily since. You can probably find the old stuff if you look. The new stuff is what really matters, though.

My fandoms include:

- M*A*S*H
- Criminal Minds
- The Departed
- The Black Donnellys
- How I Met Your Mother
- The Big Bang Theory
- Modern Family
- The Stand
- Sherlock BBC
- Buffyverse
- Leverage

and many others, really too many to list.

I write slash, gen, het, and poly. I usually write one-shots; chaptered pieces are always written as one solid piece and are really rare. I have preferred pairings—in M*A*S*H, for instance, I ship Hawkeye/Trapper and Margaret/Charles—but I’m a multishipper at heart. I have headcanons and AUs and everything else floating around, and if I had a Time Turner, I’d write nearly as much fanfiction as I do original fiction.

My fannish history is long and varied; the currently important stuff is anything here.

I eat constructive criticism like candy.

Welcome. Make yourself comfortable.

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